Why Moringa?

Miracle Moringa is simply the best quality Moringa product on the market! We are often asked why our product is better, and why should we pay more for Miracle Moringa than for the generic brands that are on the market. Here are some of the answers to those questions.

Q. What makes Miracle Moringa different than other brands?

A: Miracle Moringa is grown in a very unique climate. The fields of Jamaica are 4,000 feet above sea level. The soil is extremely rich in minerals, which makes Miracle Moringa far more potent than Moringa plants grown in other climates and locations. Even the natural color of the Moringa trees in Jamaica are a richer green than Moringa trees grown elsewhere.

Q. Why is Miracle Moringa more expensive than other Moringa products?

A: The price between Miracle Moringa and other generic brands found in stores and online is simple... Machinery! All other Moringa products are harvested using different types of machines and vehicles. Miracle Moringa is handpicked and dried naturally, not with ovens. For Miracle Moringa to dry naturally, it has to be turned by hand twice a day for up to 10 days, until the leaf falls off the stem. Our competitors simply bake the leaves dry which bakes out a high percentage of the nutritional value of the leaf. Also, our product is 100% leaf powder. We do not mix the stems, or any other part of the tree, into our powder. The leaf has the highest amount of nutritional value, so gram-for-gram, you’re getting far more nutrients!

Q: What is Miracle Moringa’s manufacturing procedure?

A: Our competition generally buys stock piles of Moringa powder from unknown sources grown in India, China, and different parts of Africa. We control the processing of Miracle Moringa from beginning to end. No machinery is used in the process, it is never stored on the ground, and when packed, it is moved into a moisture-free zone till it’s shipped to the USA. Every batch goes to The University of Agriculture’s lab for testing. Once it has cleared the testing phase, it is ready for shipment. Upon arrival in the USA, it is again tested, this time by customs, to make sure the test results match the paperwork from Jamaican authorities. It is then transported to our FDA approved labs to be put in capsules and bottles. Once again, our product is fully tested to make sure it meets our very strict standards of quality.

Q. Why would anyone buy anything but MIRACLE MORINGA?